S!MONE Music

Divine Mistakes

Simone Joy Jones jumpstarted her musical career under the name S!MONE. Her musical journey has allowed her to tell her own stories.


Album link to the EP “Divine Mistakes”


Simone Joy Jones invite others into a world of her own making. Listen to “We” and her newest EP “Divine Mistakes” on all streaming platforms.


Song Single “We”

“Inside Out”

Production Credits

Producer:  Simone Joy Jones
Directors:  Simone Joy Jones and Cameron King
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Also check out S!MONE with “Jealous” at 1:04:06

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Review of “Jealous”

by Max’s Music Mondays

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Watch Hereat 1:04:06

Starting off like the first moments after a perfect night’s sleep (something I haven’t experienced in a while, all tips welcome), it’s warm that like first orange in the sky. But this one hooked me the moment that kick drum joins. Paired with some bongos, snares, and percussion perfectly popping up, there’s such good energy. That lush start immediately kicked into high gear. The bass + claps takes it all even further, the train is chugging on, and there’s no stopping it now. All aboard!!! This train is headed to Good Song City (…I am ashamed of that sorry). And now a moment to talk about S!MONE’s vocals. From 0:36 to 0:54 we get to witness a true Masterclass(TM) in how to sing. Those early lines loaded with confidence, steady in its delivery, and a tone that feels so natural yet never settles in one place – tiny flutters, a glimpse of breath peeking through. Then the ‘ooh babe’ section starts and my jaw hits the dang floor. Effortless yet not holding anything back, rich and dreamy and somehow full of passion. It’s hot as hell. The little runs are subtle enough to feel woven into the song, but undeniable in just how incredible they are. And now we’re into the chorus. Another incredible first minute here on Max’s Music Mondays, but stick with me it’s somehow only better from here.